Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's about time Miss Charlie had a blog!

I tried to start a blog when Charlie was born, but things were too crazy and I was very emotional. Now that she's creeping up on 6 months, things are starting to calm down...a bit!

I'll try to do a SHORT recap of everything that's happened up until now:

I had a picture perfect pregnancy and a wonderful homebirth. Charlie never showed signs of distress, so we were shocked when she came out limp, blue, and not breathing. My midwife, K, grabbed the O2 immediately while my mom called the squad and my "perfect" homebirth quickly turned into a nightmare. Charlie was rushed to the local hospital and then to Children's later that evening. She spent 54 days in the NICU. Let me tell you, 54 days in that hospital is pure hell. Between snide remarks about my homebirth, the constant pressure to supplement with formula, the doctors and nurses doing things without my permission, and all the times they poked and prodded my baby for no real good reason (like the spinal tap they did for a 99 degree fever)....let's just say I became a Bitch with a capital "B" by the time all was said and done.

But I digress. Charlie suffered moderate/severe brain damage due to insufficient oxygen during the delivery. We think her cord became pinched while she was in the birth canal due to the odd place it was (slung over her shoulder). Her official diagnosis is HIE: Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. She has severe global delays, a gtube, hypotonia, and requires frequent deep oral and nasal suctioning. At this point we are just waiting to see what she can do!

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Vanessa and John said...

Giuli also had the cord around her shoulder, she pinched it off and suffocated herself. :( There is nothing wrong with a home birth but I am glad i will have c/s from now on. When I was term I always wondered y i couldn't just get her out b/c she was healthy; it's like I knew somehow. :(