Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just a quick update...

The reason I haven't updated in a while is because I'm still angry over our most recent stay at Children's and I haven't been able to formulate our experience into words yet. And it somehow seemed wrong to just skip over that and continue with updates. LOL

So I'm going to do a VERY short summary just to fill everyone in.

A couple of weeks ago, after Charlie's visit to the ER, she started struggling to breathe and she gradually got worse until finally she was struggling so much that she was pouring sweat and refusing to sleep at all. We finally took her in and they admitted her.

But apparently, their idea of care is sticking her in a room and ignoring her. I did all of her care and every once in a while a doctor would walk in and say, "She's not handling her secretions." Um duh? But I KNEW that was not the problem and something different was going on with her so I kept pressing for answers and they kept putting me off.

On saturday night mom called me and told me not to let them give her any more albueterol because she had googled it and her symptoms matched up to a negative reaction to it. She also found that it is supposed to be used with extreme caution in anyone with a convulsive disorder. I asked the docs about this and they said that there was NO WAY the med would do that to her. 24 hours from her last albeuterol treatment she was back to normal.

The day after she was admitted (and still doing poorly) the doctor tried to send us home and I refused. I didn't know what was wrong with my baby! Then, after she doing better they didn't want to let us leave. The doctor actually had the nerve to refuse to discharge her because she wanted to run a test that had NOTHING to do with why we went in the first place.

I had to call the nursing supervisor, a charge nurse, and a social worker into the room to discuss with them the poor care we received and the nonsense over the discharge. They agreed with me and got the doctor to sign the discharge papers.

I realize I can leave with my baby at any time, but they were going to make me sign a paper saying I would be held responsible if anything happened to her and since she has a chronic condition where anything can happen at any time, I was not going to put myself in that position.

So basically, the doctors up there don't give a damn about my baby. They were too lazy to look at her chart and look at the symptoms for an albeuterol reaction and put two and two together. The wanted to discharge her when she was sick as a dog, but wanted to keep her once she was perfectly fine. They were power-tripping me because they were embarrassed that someone like me could figure out what was wrong before they could.

I'm SO done with that hospital. Unfortunately, until we find alternative care, we have to keep going there. I'm definitely going to keep an eagle-eye on them until we can get switched though. I absolutely do not trust them to do even the teensiest thing for my child.

So that was the short version. It would literally take me 4 hours to type out the whole ordeal. The attitudes of the doctors was unreal. The lack of professionalism was disgusting. I'm still in shock by how we were treated. I'm not spoiled and stuck-up. I don't think the world revolves around Charlie. I really do have realistic expectations of the medical community and Children's hospital has fallen short in every area.

So that's my rant. I feel like I can move on now and post more recent updates so check back!

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