Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More pics!

Tim and I decided we can justify taking Charlie in every 2 months to try and get some good, smiley pictures. Sears has a package deal where you just pick one pose and pay $10 for 35 pictures. So we do that. We have a smile savers card so we don't pay sitting fees. Not too bad. :-)

"Look at me lift my arms!"

This is our favorite. We ordered this one for the package.

Giving me the evil eye. LOL

We added the hat in for more color. LOL

"I don't like this me get mad and push up on my arms!"

This session went a lot smoother than the last one. We couldn't get her to smile, but she didn't cry until the very end either. I'm crossing my fingers that when she's 10 months old, she'll give us a big ol' grin!

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free said...

ooh, cute!!!