Friday, August 22, 2008


So today was GI and we didn't get much done except get her scheduled for a motility study. I have already gotten Charlie's vomiting mostly under control on my own, and they couldn't give me any information I didn't already know. They did want her started back on reflux meds and they want to keep her off of the motility med until tuesday. She's been off the motility med for 2 days anyway because we are doing a trial period off of it, but I'm anxious to get her back on because I realize now just how much it was helping her. She puked ALL day today! This is after not puking at all for 2 weeks now? So it will be an interesting weekend, that's for sure.

And she's still 21 1/2 lbs but she's grown in length...29"! Her poor little head didn't grow at all. :-(

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