Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ponchos are wonderful!

Charlie's arms get stiff and it's hard to get jackets on and off of her. So I made her a couple of ponchos to wear this winter. I really, really want to make more because they are so cheap and easy to make. And she tends to drool a lot, so we'll have to wash them often. So here's the outfit I made her the other night. It was *just* chilly enough to wear it the next day. :-)

Hat, poncho and pants.

It works great in the car seat too because you can buckle the harness under it. Bulky coats are not recommended because it can prevent you from getting the harness snug enough. Ponchos are a great solution to that.

The whole outfit was made from less than one yard of fabric. I can't explain how I make the pants and hat because I just cut and sew...I don't use patterns. But I got the idea for the poncho here:

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Miss-buggy said...

that's really cool! Good idea! she looks comfy in it too.