Monday, October 27, 2008

Seating clinic this thursday!

We've had Charlie's seating clinic scheduled for a long time now...we've *really* been looking forward to it! We had someone from a local store bring out a chair for her to try and I'm in LOVE! He kept mentioning the KidKart, but a lot of people say it's really horrible. And I know a few people on-line who have a Kimba and love it so I mentioned it and he said he was getting one just a week from then. He said he doesn't know many people who like the KidKart either and because Charlie's needs are so great, he can't imagine they won't let us get a Kimba. So here it is:

They brought out a size 2 and she actually fits great in it! Normally a kid Charlie's age they'd put in a size 1, but she's a big girl with a big torso. They only need to make an adjustment on the footrest to make it fit her. So if we go to the clinic and they say she's good in a size 2, she won't need another chair for a long time! We'll also be getting a tray, a special attachment for her oxygen, and a more supportive headrest.

So wish us luck!

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