Friday, November 21, 2008

More tummy time!

So far I've been able to drape Charlie over my leg or prop her up on pillows for tummy time. Over my leg she'll lay there for 15 minutes or so. On a pillow she might last 5-10 minutes. Today I draped her over my leg and she was doing so well (and I was hungry!) that I decided to lay her on the floor just like that and see how she'd do. She did *great*! She laid there for 20-25 minutes before fussing. I put some toys in front of her and while she didn't reach for them, she made some body movements that looked like she WANTED to do something but wasn't quite sure WHAT.

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Kristen Craig said...


I have been trying to keep up with Charlie's progress via your blog since I left Rehab Right. It's great to see she's doing so well! Keep up your great work and great attitude. Charlie is a fighter and so cute with her hair. I will try to check in from time to time. God bless.