Saturday, January 10, 2009

Adrian's snowman!

Adrian begged and begged me to take him out and make a snowman the other night. Problem was too dark and cold already. He threw the tantrum of the century! I'm sure it's probably nothing compared to what other kids can do, but Adrian is usually such a well-behaved kid it just kind of threw me for a loop! He was screaming, sobbing, ramming himself into me, trying to pull my pants down, throwing things, ect. I just kept hold of my pants and braced myself against the counter where I was making a pizza. Eventually he stopped and asked, "Mama! Whay aren't you answering me!?" I told him I couldn't understand what he was saying while he was screaming like that. LOL I didn't know what else to do! But he seemed to accept that answer and after a little bit more crying he settled down and ate pizza with me. We went out the next day and made a snowman. He's quite small because the snow wasn't packing well. Then, when we got back in, Adrian freaked out because he forgot to build a snow-doggy. Again, I just let him throw his fit. I was not about to get bundled up again to go build a snow-doggy. He settled down a lot quicker that time around. And the next day he freaked out because I wouldn't let him take the vacuum cleaner to grandma's house. I thought the terrible two's should have been long gone by now....guess I was wrong. ;-)

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