Saturday, February 14, 2009

Been busy....

I've been sewing a lot lately. I've had a lot of ideas for projects going through my head. I blame the internet. ;-) I see so many cool things and then I have to go try them out myself. LOL But I'm trying to use what I already have rather than buy new fabric...for the most part. I confess I bought new fabric for the wall organizers. Everything else is recycled fabric or from other projects.

Adrian's valentine's gift. An I Spy bag made from his littlest pet shop fabric. He's big on "presents" lately. At xmas he kept wrapping up household items and handing them out to people...flashlights, pencils, socks, ect. then did the same thing for his birthday. He promptly brought me a toy car and gave Charlie hand sanitizer as valentine's day presents. LMAO!

A gtube pad. I've seen someone make these and I was intrigued...but Charlie never had an oozy tube. Well, she does now! So I got right to work. Wow, they are a pain in the butt to make! I suppose I wouldn't need many, but I don't look forward to making them! Oh, they are supposed to have a snap closure. I used a safety pin for now.

My mom found this pattern at goodwill. It was for girl's 4-9, but seriously, what kid that age would wear an outfit like this? I scaled it down a bit and added snaps at the crotch. No Charlie action shots yet....

But Adrian tried it on! He's too big. He walked around for an hour with the snaps at the crotch undone. That was also made from his old curtains in case you thought the fabric looked familiar.

Another tutorial I thought was cool...turning an adult tee into a toddler one-piece. I couldn't help myself...I know it's not exactly "tasteful", but it's hilarious!

And an action shot.

Back in the ER. I'm just fed up with the way Charlie breathes. I wanted some answers as to why she breathes so loudly. Sometimes it affects her sats and sometimes it doesn't, but she's loud and she works way too hard...harder than she needs to because when she falls asleep she calms down and her sats stay up. So they said she is probably overcompensating and partially collapsing her airway. They are giving us the go ahead to increase her Ativan to settle her down. I noticed a few days ago that she breathes more normally after I give her a dose. She stridored really badly for the first few days (and was goofy and high), but she's adjusted now so it seems like a logical choice. That thing in her nose is a nasal trumpet. Quite useless as we found out because she just plugs it up with mucous.

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