Friday, August 14, 2009

Now that takes talent....

We took Charlie to the pedi yesterday. I was concerned about her sudden need for extra fluids. He thinks she IS getting the fluids she needs and it's just that she drools out SO much. So he's not concerned that she doesn't pee as much as she used to. He said if it's dark and smelly to give her more, but otherwise, don't worry. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet.

So he saw first hand how much she's been drooling lately. I had her up on the table, on her side, with a chux pad under her head. I moved her a bit about 15 minutes into the appointment and she had somehow gotten the table wet...THROUGH THE CHUX PAD. The thing is plastic! So her nurse said, "it's a talent of her's". LOL So I told the doctor that we joke that Charlie can't do a whole lot, but she's the world's BEST drooler and if nothing else, she has that. He thought that was hilarious. :-)

I entered this pic of Charlie in the Real Diaper Association photo contest. She's entry number 54. Check it out! I assume the voting starts after all the entries are in and the deadline is the 24th. So go back on the 25th and vote for her!

Adrian so proud to be holding his little sis. He promptly dropped her. ROFL

The other day I heard from the other room, "cough, cough, kerCHOO!". It sounded so delicate but you never know with Charlie. I found her like this. And I grabbed my phone to snap a pic and she GOT MAD AT ME! She knew I took a pic and was hesitating on wiping her face. Sorry kiddo. I got to capture all the memories, not just the smiling, perfect ones. ;-)

I picked up this stroller for free. We have a big medical stroller that's very nice but it's too big to haul around for short trips. We used to have a larger graco stroller but it wouldn't fit in the trunk of my new (to me) car. I needed something very small. I would like a lightweight medical stroller but it might be awhile before we can get one. They generally aren't supportive enough for kids like Charlie, but we just can't haul her Kimba everywhere. It's impractical. We use it daily, we just can't stuff it in the trunk. So this old graco will work in the mean time. Can you believe how LONG she is!!?? Her brain injury may have made it hard to gain weight and made her head not grow. But she's a tall little kid! Nope, no stunted growth there.


Rosetta said...

So what type of diapers are they? Fuzzi Bunz? I just ordered a bunch of Bamboo velour and PUL as well as snap pliers and once they come in I am going to begin making cloth diapers for Sierra and the new baby.

Hehehee...Sierra could use some of Charlie's height. She is the opposite, she is chubby but doesn't seem to want to grow in length.

Is it alright if I add your blog to ours?

Shauna said...

Sure add us! I came across your blog again a couple of months ago and she sure is a little chunk! Cute too!

The diaper she's wearing in the pic I didn't make. It's an old style pocket change with added snaps (she got too skinny for the smallest setting so I added some crossover snaps). Good luck with the diapers...they are SO much fun to make! Did you buy a pattern or are you making one?

Rosetta said...

I think I'll probably use one of the free patterns online. They will probably be pocket diapers with hemp inserts. :-)

Shauna said...

Word of warning...the rita's rump pockets are super trim and very hard to stuff. If you alter the pattern it would probably be fine....trim the wings and add some to the crotch. I tried the tiny bird pattern (I think?) and it didn't work out well at ALL. I haven't found a diaper pattern I really like, but I do like the katrina's soaker pattern. Of course, you wouldn't need those if you have waterproof pockets. ;-)

Rosetta said...

Thanks for the tips! I ended up buying the Trimsies pattern.

Real Diaper said...

Saw Charlie's photo entered in the RDA Photo Contest and got to learn more about her on your blog - she seems like QUITE the fighter! Keep up the great work, Momma!