Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why doesn't she cry!?

(copied and pasted directly from a post I did on one of my message boards, so if it looks familiar, yes, you've seen it before!)

Why doesn't she cry!?

She used to...all the time! Now she just...doesn't. Unless she's in severe pain. And even that she doesn't do as often as she used to.

So yesterday, I put her on her belly on the floor because she had sooo many secretions. Seriously I was suctioning her every 5-10 minutes. So I put her on her belly with a prefold under her head to catch all the drool. She looked like she fell asleep so I went and did my own thing, checking in on her every once in a while. She had her eyes closed, so I thought she was asleep. I was only glancing at her from 15 feet away so I didn't realize she laying in a huge puddle of drool. Finally she grunted at me so I went to pick her up. The puddle of drool was so bad it was covering her face, found it's way to the back of her head, and was pooling up in her eye!

So I got her cleaned up and sat down with her. Her eye was red and swollen and she couldn't open it. THEN she starts whining. I don't know if it's becaue it hurt or she was just mad she couldn't open it. Still didn't cry though. A couple of hours later when I put her to bed it was STILL swollen and shut. When she woke up this morning, it was crusted over. She's been able to open it today but it's still swollen.

All because of DROOL!!!

Did you know that this time last year we only had to suction her about 5 times a day? That's a whole other story...I don't think she swallows at ALL anymore. But no...all this convulsing hasn't affected her brain at all.


That was monday the 27th. Update as of today: Her eye STILL looks swollen! If it doesn't get better we'll be taking her to the pedi on monday. They are already aware. I felt really stupid trying to explain her "injury". "She drooled in her eyeball" isn't really enough information. Makes people go, "Whaaaat!?" LOL

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