Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another silly sleep picture:

Well we sent in another sputum sample and it came back + for pseudomonas AGAIN! I think she'll probably just have it chronically. So we're waiting on the doctor to call us back with instructions.

She's started having stomach pain again so we're going to get her tube changed and probably try something like Elavil. I don't want to wait until she gets as bad as she did last time.


sarah said...

lol...my kids slept in some of the funniest positions. Somewhere I have a picture of my daughter (now 10) sleeping in her bouncy seat with her arms out like a zombie!...and my littlest guy was draped over his dad's neck ( as the poor man was sleeping on his side) one morning when I woke up.

Hopefully the doctors will find the right med to help Charlie not be in so much pain.

Dawn said...

How ADORABLE my 4 year old said. She is too cute. I'd love to just snuggle her. Hope you can get it stopped before she gets in to much pain.

Kat_momof3 said...

I'm sorry she's going through so much bad stuff right now... But I love how cute she looks sleeping like that!

momtoS said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear Charlie is sick again!
Cute sleepie pic!

avascorner said...

Oh Miss CHarlie you have the cutest sleeping pics ever! Kisses and Hugs baby girl:)