Monday, August 30, 2010


The daycare where I work had a carnival the other day so I took the kids. It was the first time my co-workers met the kids and of course they just thought they were adorable! We had many, many comments on their hair. LOL You know, I never really liked attention that much, but when you are the parent of a red head, you have to get used to it. That goes double when you have 2 red heads and triple if one of them has special needs. :-D

Charlie getting her hands painted (instead of her face) so she could see the pretty pictures. She got a fish on one side and a rainbow on the other.

Adrian in the bounce house. I think that was his favorite part!

In the fire department's camper that simulated what to do in a fire. Adrian thought it was really cool. He was just telling me the day before that when he grows up he doesn't want to live in a house, but he was going to get "one of those little houses you drive around".

One of Adrian's prizes. I don't think she was impressed.

Adrian picked a kitty face. "Rawr!"

Let's say it all together now..."Awwww!!!"

Well we've had lots going on but it would take forever to type it all out so I'll summarize.

GI problems: Still a problem. We visited the ER once because I was thinking maybe the pain WASN'T from her belly. I had them check her ears and hips and just generally give her a once over. It's still just the belly pain though. *sigh* We have an appointment tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get some answers, or a med to try, or a new formula to try.

School: We're still in the process of enrolling Charlie in preschool. It is a very LONG process. We've had about 5 meetings already and we're not even done yet! We still have to figure out the nursing situation and write up her IEP. She might go to one of the schools I went to briefly in the 4th grade!

Communication: We're having great success with the head pillow switch! She's using it to turn on electronic stuff, like lights and radios. We're going to do a fan next. And we're hoping to start using 2 switches, one for each side, so maybe we can give her choices.

We also have an ultrasound to check on her salivary glands on wednesday. I'm eager to do the procedure again (though on a smaller scale) to see if we can get even better results.

I have a very exciting post coming up. More to do with me than Charlie, but I'm sure all my readers will still love it! Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow... ;-)


Katie said...

Looks like they had a great time! Good luck with everything!

momtoS said...

Love the picture of the two of them in the car, Adrian holding Charlie's hand....too sweet!

Natural as can be said...

That photo of Adrian holding Charlies hand is precious! I am Katie T on MDC btw. Love your blog and that your sweet little Charlie is doing so well! Your a strong mama, keep up the good work!