Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goals for 2011!

So I just want to lay it all out here. I have a LOT of goals. And I'm having a really hard time organizing them in my head so rather than go write them in a personal notebook like a NORMAL person, I'm gonna share them with the world! LOL I figure it might help keep me motivated if I fear that one day one of my followers will leave me a comment asking if I've managed to lose those last 15 lbs, or if I've tackled the bathroom closet yet. I don't want to have to tell someone I failed!

My personal goals:

Lose the last 15 lbs. Yeah I know, it's not much and I've already lost a lot. I don't want to put a hard and fast time limit on when I want the weight gone (I honestly couldn't care less if my body is "bikini-ready" by may), but I do need to continually work on it. I think 6 months is a reasonable time frame, but I'm giving myself the whole year.

I need to get my teeth fixed. So I need to either get a job with excellent benefits, find a dentist who will work out a payment plan with me, or just start sleeping with a dentist...I need to get it done. I have a "bad side" and a "good side" of my mouth. That's how you know it's bad. When you can't even eat on one side of your mouth. Well I cracked a tooth on the "good side" today so I'm pretty much screwed. Hey, maybe it will help with the weight loss though! It's too bad I waited until I was 26 to start eating healthy and actually really start taking care of my teeth. They were already too far gone I think. :-(

Household goals:

I'm continually working on de-cluttering and organizing my home. It's a lot better than it was a year ago, but it still needs a lot of work. I need to de-clutter Charlie's whole room....too-small baby blankets, clothes, toys and stuffed animals, medical supplies, ect. The bathroom closet has just been a catch-all and I need to do something about that. I need to purge my old clothes. I still have XL sweaters. I wear a medium now. Yep, they've gotta go! I need to organize my kitchen! I would like to hang more shelves and buy baskets and such to keep stuff from ending up in piles.

I am still struggling to stay organized despite my Home Management Planner. So I'm continuing to work on that. The biggest improvement I have seen using this though, is my finances. I am doing MUCH better with my bills and keeping track of receipts, paycheck stubs, ect.

I want to eliminate unnecessary spending. I know, everyone needs to treat themselves sometimes! But I go through my account activity and always find at least 3 or 4 purchases a month that just were NOT necessary, even if you include "treats" as necessary. Seriously, did I really need to eat subway that day? I don't even LIKE subway! I was just too lazy to pack a snack to hold me over. Did Adrian really need that $6 diecast car? He just had Christmas! I need to budget "extras" and stick to that budget. It's cool to buy toys and clothes and it's fun to eat out. But it needs to be under better control (I know I'm already ahead of the game since it "only" happens 3-4 times a month and it's like $5-10 a pop...I was way worse before I had kids!).

Charlie goal:

I would like to really get her pain under control. Obviously this does not need to be said but I still should have to account for this goal. When she's having a month or two where she's doing ok, I put off calling GI because there's nothing pushing me to do it. But even when she's doing "ok" she's not doing great. I need to push, push, push to get some answers! Along with this goal is getting her weight up!

Adrian goal:

I would like to see Adrian doing well with homeschooling. I have a few skeptics, even people who in general support homeschooling. Let's face it, I'm not in the ideal position to be homeschooling. I work (though only part-time) and I don't even have Adrian full-time. But he's young enough that we don't have to do hours and hours of school a week to make it work, so I'm gonna make it work. I would like to see him finish his first grade curriculum. I'm not thrilled about the idea of possibly putting him in first grade in the fall if he's already covered all the material, but it couldn't hurt for him to have a slight advantage (isn't that why the trend now is to hold boys back a year?). Mostly I'm just excited to see him learning all this stuff. It's like watching a baby learn to walk, except cooler. LOL


sarah said...

My teeth are horrible too. I have the bad side and the good side too! I haven't been able to eat on the bad side for years. The "good" side has one missing tooth, and two crowns. I am hoping that this year I can get the root canal and crown that I need desperately on the bad side. Every February I max out my yearly dental benefit taking care of whatever hurts the most!

As for Adrian...can you ask the school to test him? My 5 year old is in preschool this year b/c his birthday missed the deadline by like 2 months, but he is reading on a first grade level and doing basic math!I honestly don't know what we are going to do with Clayton next year since I think he is already going to be bored with the Kindergarten curriculum. The only thing I can think of is that they will HAVE to pull him out for enrichment...

Hey,is Charlie actually *going* to school this year, or is she getting a teacher at the house through the public school district? I remember you were really struggling to decide which option was better.It seems like so many of my friends have kids who are in special needs preschool this year. Of course, this is Clayton's THIRD year...

Shauna said...

We were going to actually send her! But the schools are really eff'ed up in how they deal with the fair and equal education indeed. She will not be able to attend school. I'm considering blogging about the whole ordeal, so stay tuned. It'll be a post to get the mama bear in you going!

Adrian is slightly advanced, but not so much that I really worry. I was advanced at that age too, even more so. They did "enrichment" classes but it was a big joke. And I did horribly because of how my personality was anyway. I was severely introverted and they required a lot of speaking in front of the class, group projects, ect. eventually I leveled off and only really excelled in reading. I was reading probably at a high school level by 5th grade or so. I got bored in class a lot, but not necessarily because the work was too easy but because it was so totally pointless. Memorizing a gazillion dates in history? No thanks. Id' rather learn the actual history thankyouverymuch. THOSE are the things I worry about when I think of sending Adrian to school. I think they missed the boat on what is important to teach kids, particularly in literature and history. It made me hate those subjects...I'm only just now learning to appreciate them.

Sorry for the rant. LOL

sarah said...

that stinks that Charlie cannot go to school!I definitely will stay tuned.I look forward to seeing what new things she is doing, and how she is defying the doctor's predictions.

I think they have made great strides in dealing better with enrichment in the schools since we were little. My almost 11 year old daughter is in an accelerated 5th grade math class this year due to her test scores last year. They are doing both the 5th AND 6th grade math curriculum in one year. They expect the kids (in this class) to be ready for pre-algebra in 6th grade!

I personally was an advanced reader myself in school. By 5th or 6th grade I was reading adult books. I am still a voracious reader. Right now I am considering getting a kindle--I love the app for my blackberry.