Sunday, August 28, 2011

School, and car seats, and Christmas, Oh My!

Just a few little things here. Charlie's lighter-weight medical stroller was approved! Yay! I don't know when exactly we'll be getting it, but as least I know one thing went through. I'm still waiting to hear on the others. Because of the way the tethers are set up in my car (at the very back of the cargo area) I have to unhook them every time I need to get her stroller out. So I figured I'd eliminate the tethers for now. I turned Charlie rear-facing and put Adrian's harnessed car seat back in grandma's car. Right now he's in a backless, which I'm not thrilled about, but he has a cowmoo britax parkway coming in the mail this week! We are both SO excited! It's the first car seat I've bought in over 2 years. Ya'll should be so proud of me. I used to have a certain problem with regards to car seat buying. *ahem*

I'm finally getting a computer set up at home. Which means hopefully I can update this blog more often. I'm still working on internet and a desk, but at least the computer is up and running! Here's our make-shift desk in the meantime:

Oh look there's another car seat! LOL

Adrian is picking up on using the computer so quickly it's mind-boggling. I've always been around computers. We had them in school even when I was in the lower grades. My mom always had at least a word processor lying around. And she got us a really decent for the times computer when I was 11. Still, with all of that, I don't remember learning to use "shift" to capitalize until I was like 12. I would press the caps lock in, type the letter, the press it again. I only have to show Adrian something ONCE on the computer and he just "gets it". A friend of mine said "Well that's the world he lives in now." I'd like to think my kid is just smart though. LOL I can see already that he's going to prefer typing to actually writing things out. I'm going to have to figure out how to balance it out so he's getting good practice with both. I don't want him to NOT learn to write, but really, he's going to type most things in his life when he's older. It's just the world we live in. ;-)

Our new car seat set-up photo shoot!

I *think* Charlie's massive growth spurt is coming to an end. She's 32 lbs and 38" now. Wearing 6x shirts and 5T pants. As my little sister said about this pic "She's giving that caterpillar a run for it's money!"

I'm working on setting up a homeschool curriculum for Charlie as well. I was just going to take it day by day but I think having a handle on things will benefit her more. Having goals, structure, actual "school" time. Just like Adrian. I will post more later once I get it all figured out. I think it's going to be hard work but really fun! Adrian's schooling is quite easy. I can just order books for him, teach him the way I was taught, and it's all smooth sailing. Charlie requires more thinking outside the box. More tools. More....everything. I'm going to do my very best though. I'm 100% sure I can provide her a better education than the local schools here can.

It's that time of year that I should be making Christmas gifts but I just haven't gotten there yet. No great ideas have come to me. I have no desire yet to get crafting. I don't know where I'm going to find the TIME! If anyone has ideas....throw them at me. I'm highly unmotivated this year. I even thought about NOT making anything and just buying all their gifts from the store *gasp*! It wouldn't be the end of the world but it's just not me. I make things. It's part of who I am. I just need a little nudge. :-)


Kat - said...

I just love those two gorgeous redheads! I think it's totally Adrian being a quick learner and naturally gifted... because trust me, not all kids his age (no matter how much computer instruction) can remember the shift key... heck, we're still trying to teach Damian that you CAN capitalize a word.

Here's one thing I'm just curious about... and could be a topic for several blogs worth... Charlie is growing (obviously) and as she continues to grow, will get harder to carry and such... I've heard of some people purposefully stunting growth, preventing puberty, all that, because of the obvious challenges associated with caring for someone who can't help with their own care. Have you considered it, will you consider it... if so... your thoughts... if not... your thoughts and feelings as to why not. I'm not on any side of the fence on this as I am not in this position... it's just one of those things that pops into my head and I'm nosy about.

Shauna said...

Right now I'm ok with Charlie having a few extra pounds because of her on again/off again gut problems. Right now, if her gut stops working and she loses 5 lbs, she'll be fine. If I keep her borderline underweight, she'll have more problems. I won't do anything to prevent puberty. I don't know anyone who has done that. Usually just keeping the kid's weight at the 5%ile is sufficient to make it easier to move them around. I'm not too concerned (although you can tell I've thought about it!)... 1) because the chances of Charlie reaching her teens, let alone adulthood are slim and 2) she's not going to be big anyway. Even with her growth she's only like 25%ile. I'm not even 5'2". I'm guessing if she does reach adulthood she'll hit 5' and maybe 80-90 lbs.

If she were a boy and her dad were 6'4" and 250 lbs, I might have a different view. ;-)