Friday, April 25, 2008


This was not a big deal at all. They stuck a scope down her nose to see inside. They warned us that she may not like it and I reminded them that she has something stuck down her nose like 15 times a day. LOL

They said she has a lot of pooling of secretions, which we already knew. That she is aspirating it, which we also already knew. He thought that might be what's causing the obstructive apnea. He also thought she has "moderately enlarged adenoids" and recommended surgery. I'm thinking not! She's been doing a lot better on oxygen and so I'd rather take the "wait and see" approach. Charlie doesn't respond well to sedation, so even if she does need surgery, it would be better to wait until she's much older for a surgery that *may* help her.

The doctor was impressed that I knew how to suction Charlie's nose. LOL I told him if I didn't suction her like that she'd probably be dead by now! She gets a lot of junk in there and suctioning through the nose is sometimes more effective than suctioning in the mouth. He said most parents don't feel comfortable with it. I don't really understand that. You do what you have to do. Not to mention it's a lot more uncomfortable listening to your child struggle to breathe!

Charlie did start doing something really cool! When I go to get her out of her car seat, when she hears the buckle click (unclick?), she lifts her arms in anticipation. Now, she doesn't lift them like she wants picked up, she's still a long way from that, but she lifts them like she knows the next step is pulling them out of the straps so she's just giving me a little help.

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ady said...

Spotted your blog on Giuli's; stopped by to say "HI!". This is Kylee's mama, Adriane! Your little girl is such a cutie! I loved reading some of your entries; I can never stop being surprised by how similar our HIE babies are! The suctioning, the used-to-be stinky hands, even the "get me out of my carseat!" arm raise!! It's amazing!! I love that Kylee his sisters (and brothers) all over the country! Keep up all the good work with your little Miss Charlie!!