Friday, August 22, 2008

Adrian's baby doll (new and improved!)

Adrian pretends his baby doll has a feeding tube, so I decided to put a real one in. I've seen other people do it so I figured why not? And then there was the long wait for Charlie to actually need a tube change. But she finally did 2 days ago. I washed the old one and performed the surgery. Everything went well and now he has a baby "just like sissy!"

He takes very good care of his baby. He knows how to hook up the extention and which syringes are for meds and which are for food. He even "vents" his baby's tube. LOL The only thing he hasn't figured out yet is the clamp. He also suctions his baby, complete with sound effects and puts a nasal cannula on her because "she needs oxygen".

Action pics:

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Anonymous said...

Aren't you the clever one?

I just clicked the link to your blog from and it took me to this page. How neat that Adrian gets to feel like a big boy taking care of his little one while watching you take care of Charlie. :)