Thursday, August 28, 2008

We got Charlie's chairs!

Both of them fit her GREAT! The giraffe one has a tray that I haven't managed to get on there yet, but once I do, I'm excited to put some toys in front of her to see what she does. She's comfy in both, but really got comfy in the kidkart. She sat there for 30 minutes and didn't fuss once. She's looking to her left because she really likes the pattern on the giraffe seat. When I put her in it, she looks at the headrest. When I put her in the kidkart, she's still trying to look at the other chair. LOL
Best of all, her spine is STRAIGHT!

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Ryan said...

cool blog, Someday I should also start a blog about my family, must be just like an online family album of some kind.