Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun at therapy!

Charlie has actually started to enjoy therapy! She used to just cry *pitifully* during PT and she was always just very passive and sleepy during OT. But the past couple of weeks she hasn't really been crying and she's been staying awake more. I mentioned before that she let Michelle roll her across the floor without crying for the first time ever. Well, wednesday Charlie actually tried to participate in therapy! This is huge for her because she doesn't actively play or engage much. She uses her arm to communicate, but that's about it. She doesn't reach for anything or try to roll to get to a toy. So the PT was rolling her across the floor and then positioning her arms and legs in a way that would help her roll herself over and she was actually attempting it! She didn't really accomplish much, but she TRIED. Yay Charlie! And pics!

(I know, I know it's not a therapy pic, but I can never resist a good car seat pic! Notice how I pulled her jacket out and zipped up around the straps? A little tip for reducing bulk and making the harness fit better!)

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