Monday, November 10, 2008

Life with therapy....

Just to give everyone an idea of what Charlie's mornings are like, I took a bunch of pics this morning. This just shows what her therapy is like. It doesn't include the meds, breathing treatment, chest therapy, suctioning, diaper changes, ect. She's a busy little girl!

Tummy time! I let her hang out as long as she will tolerate it. She does better draped across my lap. I'm sure it's more comforting than being put down on the bed. Don't you just *love* the hair! LOL Poor child looks like that every morning!

Weight-bearing exercises. I do each leg, each arm, and her hips. She doesn't mind this part at all. Actually, today, I had her smiling while I was compressing her hips by bouncing her around the bed a little. :-)

Hand exercises. We actually do this quite often throughout the day. She also has thumb splints she wears everyday for about an hour. Her hands are the tightest part on her body so we work them extra hard.

Spread your wings and fly! She doesn't lift her arms so they get tight by her sides.

Here I'm just straightening out her spine. She has a bad curve in it and when I flip her back like this, she straightens out nicely and I think it feels good to her too.

A lot of hard work makes her fussy. We avoid crying as much as possible though. When she doesn't like something, I try to find another way to work that part of the body.

Passed out after lots of hard work!

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