Monday, November 3, 2008

Seizures, a hospital stay, and pics to tell the story!

Wednesday morning I heard Charlie whimpering on the monitor and I looked over (video monitor) and she was jerking her arms up. I went downstairs and checked her over. Other than the jerking and the crying she was ok. Sats good, not choking on her spit. But it didn't stop. After a minute or so I decided she needed to go in and was getting ready to head out the door. After a few more minutes I decided I couldn't take her in myself, so I called the squad. They got there and after looking her over and hooking her up to their pulse-ox, they strapped Adrian's car seat to the stretcher (it just happened to be sitting in my living room) and put her in it and took off with me riding in the back with her:

She cried and trembled and jerked the whole way. Her eyes kept rolling back. It didn't seem like one continuous seizure but more like a very intense cluster. After we got to Licking, they gave her a shot of Ativan in her leg, which did nothing. Once they got the IV placed, they gave her more Ativan there and she finally stopped. She seized for well over an hour. And then she slept:

They transported her to Children's in a squad. They had a nifty harness built into the stretcher. I wasn't too happy with the bulky blankets that kept them from getting the harness tight, but I wasn't in the mood to argue:

We got to the ER and they left us in a room. Didn't check on her. Didn't even hook her up to a pulse-ox! I had to go kick some butt and finally got a doctor to pay attention to us. She woke up and started working the room:

Then she started seizing again and they gave her more Ativan in her IV. Then some Fosphenytoin. Then 2 different antibiotics because they suspected she had an infection somewhere. So then my doped up baby didn't want to breathe! They took her back to critical care, stuck 50% oxygen on her and rubbed her chest and feet to keep her stimulated enough to breathe. She slept for 16 hours straight after that. Of course we were admitted. The next day, she was back to this:

She's now on Topamax, along with the Keppra and Phenobarbitol. And now we have Diastat at home in case she has another seizure like that again. She almost made us use it the other day too! 4 minutes and it stopped on it's own. We are supposed to use the Diastat after 5 minutes. Oh and medicaid doesn't want to pay for her new med so I have to go check on that at the pharmacy tomorrow. We have enough until wednesday and then if medicaid won't pay, we'll have to switch. That's a shame too, since the Topamax seems to be working. :-/


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, poor Charlie. :( I'm glad she's doing a bit better. :hug:

Oh, and I haven't gotten my lazy butt in gear to mail out the invitations, but Brandon's having a birthday party on the 15th at The Works--you and your kiddos are invited if you can make it. I just have to mail out the stinkin' invitation one of these days!

ady said...

Oh, so sad!! Hey, you've got the same fab 3 med combo as we do ;) ! Hope the lil' lady has a better day!