Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Adrian's Christmas!

This is Adrian's whole playdough set. Since I had a couple of extra days before we could open presents, I made him a playdough mat and a bag to put it all in. The mat is just regular cotton on one side and PUL (waterproof diaper material) on the other, with the waterproof side out so it's a good, slick surface to play on.

Charlie liked the playdough too! She saw Adrian with it and gave me hell until I put some in her hand and helped her squish it. She thought it was funny. :-)



His favorite present was the playdough set.

His second favorite present. He opened the box, pulled out the bear and said, "Hey! This bear has a mic-key button!"

He started tearing into presents and I had to tell him to slow down so I could take pics. LOL

I'm already making a list of what I want to do next year!

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