Saturday, January 10, 2009


We had a big day on thursday! We saw a new GI doc and the developmental pedi for the first time. I'm not thrilled with this GI doc so we may switch again. It's just so important to me to find someone who I get along with. He said to keep her on the nutramigen for a few more months and he'd switch her to a different formula later. He said if she is still having weird poops it's probably because of the antibiotics and I could feed her some yogurt. I must have cringed a bit because he added, "If you think she will tolerate it." I asked him if it was wise to put something like that in her J tube and he said it was fine. I told him I didn't think she'd tolerate yogurt but I was interested in doing blended foods. He about had a cow. Because formula has everything she needs, dont ya know? I hate when doctors get arrogant like that. Formula is PERFECT. Formula is god's gift to the disabled. Formula has *everything* one could possibly ever need.

Yeah right. Formula is unchanging. The same, day in and day out. If your body needs more protien one day, tough luck. What if your blood work comes back with low potassium? Oh well, that couldn't be possible because the formula has it all right?! Ummm, no. I think it's incredibly arrogant to think humans could perfect mother nature's design. I told him that I equated it to someone trying to tell me that formula is better than breastmilk. His mouth twitched like he was going to say something and thought better of it. Oh holy hell. If we've got a GI doc that actually believes formula is better than BREASTMILK...I'm switching asap. Obviously we aren't going to get along if that's the case. I wish he would have just said it out loud so I can quit trying to figure out what he *intended* to say.

Anyway, I also brought up the problem of her tube not venting. He said you can't vent a J tube. I meant her *G* tube brainiac. It's painful to her when she gets air trapped in there. He asked me if I ever flush it. Yeah, like 8 times a day. Stuff goes in but won't come out. We had this problem with her previous buttons too, just not this bad. He had no answer for me. I don't know why these mic-key buttons have to be such a pain in the ass. Thank goodness she doesn't have a nissen. The poor child would be in a WORLD of pain! But she is able to burp pretty well if I sit her up. It would just be nice to relieve her stomach of bile and air while she's sleeping. It's been waking her up in the middle of the night for almost a week now.

I'll talk about the dev pedi in the next post. No time now!

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