Monday, March 16, 2009

Another plug for cloth....

Now anyone who knows me knows that I use cloth...everything. That's not to say I never buy and use disposable stuff, but it's important to me to save money wherever possible so cloth just fits into that plan. The gtube pads I made aren't saving me money. Charlie's insurance will send us gobs of the gauze pads no problem. But they are annoying and cumbersome and you have to use tape to keep them in place. Who has time to deal with that anyway? I just never used the pads. I've seen a few people on-line make them and I thought "why not"? Even though Charlie isn't super oozy, a gtube pad costs me about $0.15 to make so it's no skin off my back.

So this is what she looks like after an overnight with NO pad.

And with a pad. Nice huh?

What a guaze pad looks like.

And a cloth pad.

So, in summary, I'm LOVING the cloth pads! Just head over heels in love. 1) They are cuter 2) They are less "medical" looking 3) They are more absorbant 4) They are softer and nicer on her skin 5) They take up less space in a drawer....30-60 gauze pads a month vs. 8 or so cloth ones 6) They are easier to put on and take more tape!

Did I mention CUTER!?

All you have to do is google "cloth gtube pads" and like 8 sites pop up. I personally like my design better than most I see on other sites. And I will probably do a tutorial later (even a hand-sewn version!) so stay tuned. ;-)


A day in the Life... said...

Those are pretty cute! Way to go on making them!


Kat_momof3 said...

Those are so freaking cute!!

the pics of her tummy show the real difference those gorgeous pieces of cloth make.