Thursday, April 2, 2009


I've been sewing like mad for months now. I'm trying to stick to just the fabric I have on hand already...I'm too broke to buy new fabric! I've been able to make a LOT of stuff too. So here's a few things I've made for Charlie recently:

One of my friends loaned me the chloe toes pattern to try. It's meant for leather shoes really, but fleece works fine for Charlie since she's not up running around. These were my first attempt at an appliqué.

And some from scrap fabric from an old Adrian project.

And a free pattern from the internet, Katrina's fleece soaker pattern. I'm LOVING this! So easy and simple to make. And inexpensive. Even if you have to buy new fabric, it can't cost more than a couple of dollars per soaker. She's wearing a large with a regular prefold snappied underneath.

And Adrian at the playground. It's been pretty nice here the last couple of days. Hopefully it really is spring now. Adrian will play outside for hours and he's a much happier kid when he runs off his energy.


Beautiful Mess said...

I love her shoes! Those are adorable! A friend of mine started up a needle point blog and she has some free downloads. Maybe you'd be interested in looking at them, if you have time, of course. I'll give you the link just in case..

Enjoy your day!

Kat_momof3 said...

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes!!

they are seriously precious and I love that they are fleece instead of leather... even if she were up and running around, they'd make a fantastic winter slipper1