Monday, May 11, 2009

Guess what I got for Mother's Day? The FLU! Thanks Charlie! LOL I thought she just had a tummy bug. Nope, it's the flu. Let me tell you, that fever SUCKED! I feel so bad for her. I did what I could to make her feel better though. When my fever hit, all I could think about was curling up in an electric blanket. I made do with a regular one and loaded up on NyQuil. Then I got up this morning and barfed. I'm already getting back to normal.

So people keep warning me I might have the swine flu. LOL Yeah, it crossed my mind. No, I don't think I have it. Charlie had it first and if it was the swine flu, she most definitely wouldn't have sailed through. The swine flu usually causes lots of respiratory problems, no?

Charlie was happy and smiling today so I have lots of hope that I'll be back to normal tomorrow.

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