Monday, August 31, 2009

Got Charlie's new car seat!

You all know this is an exciting day for me. New car seat day is like christmas for me. LOL I ended up getting her the Graco My Ride and she will continue to rear-face. The Safeseat 2 was a wonderful fit for her, but I just couldn't do it. I can't tell people to rear-face to the max and then turn my kid forward at 20 lbs, even if she is a special case. Of course I had to get the pretty pink one. ;-) Disclaimer: The insert is not supposed to be in once they are above the bottom slot (Charlie is on the forth already!) but because she really needs the extra support, I decided she's safer with it in. Typical kiddos absolutely shouldn't have the insert in when they are this big.

Doesn't it look like a big, comfy recliner? :-D


I tried her in it without the insert and she's not slumping! Awesome! Of course, it may just be that she's having a good day. We'll see....for now I'm leaving the insert out. She's now even with the fourth slots, but after sitting in it for a bit, she settled down into the seat and was just below them. So down to the third ones they went. She loves the pattern on the side. She just stares and once in a while she'll reach up and touch it.

It installed beautifully in my car. I need to get it a smidge more reclined for her, but it was easy peasy. :-)

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