Friday, September 18, 2009

Just a few things....

So, I'm nurse-less for the next 10 days. Probably. I may have a nurse for 3 of those 10 days. Still 7 days! Aaaah! Charlie's nurse went on vacation and we STILL haven't filled the other hours! For anyone who doesn't get why being without help is a big deal....imagine being woken up multiple times a night, not getting a chance to nap the next day, hopping up for meds and feeds a dozen times a day, stopping whatever you are doing 30 times a day to suction, having to do things you aren't used to having to do, like clean out the suction canister and oral care, and Charlie is NOT having a good time right now...that's on top of regular baby care. And ever try to entertain a child who cannot entertain themselves?'s exhausting. We made it through Day 1 though. Only 9 more to go.

Weight-bearing. I've got her up on her knees. She didn't dislike it but wasn't particularly amused either.

Her new dress! She got this at her birthday party (thanks Wright family!). It's actually a 4T tank, but looks great as a dress with layers. And bonus...she can wear it for years probably. :-)

Adrian, once again SO proud to be holding his little sis. Can you tell it FREAKS Charlie out!? I mean I don't blame her, he does have a tendancy to drop her. Which I didn't let him do today, by the way. Still, she was NOT happy.

Charlie's birthday cake!

And cupcakes!

I'll have the pics from the actual party up next week probably!


momtoS said...

Awesome party pictures!
Yes....she does have a look of "save me" when her brother is holding

Anonymous said...

that cake was so delicious! (you need to post pics of the puppets you made) and Charlie has that deer in the headlights look while Adrian looks so proud of himself! lol

Shauna said...

I will as soon as I get all the pics from the party. I want to do one big post dedicated to it. :-D