Thursday, October 22, 2009


Charlie is *2* years old. For *2* years I've been doing things the hard way! Did you know, for $1.67, you can buy little medicine caps at wal-mart that fit in most bottles, that let you draw the medicine up into the syringe without having to pour it into a medicine cup first? They even come with a syringe! Yup. I knew these things existed, and our pharmacy gives us a jank version that aren't as nice and only fit the biggest bottles (only 1 of Charlie's). You can buy them at most places, they are cheap, you can reuse them, and they fit small and large bottles. So I bought 4. One for each med, except her Klonipin. We have the jank one from the pharmacy for that. I plan to get a few more for tylenol, motrin, antibiotics, ect.

Isn't it nifty?

Ok, onto "duh" moment #2. This one I figured out sooner, but still spent a crazy amount of time doing it the hard way. Most pills don't have to be crushed. Just stick them in the syringe, push in the plunger, pull up a few mls of water and let it sit. Some dissolve instantly, others take 5 or 10 minutes.

On to "duh" moment #3. Splitting pills doesn't have to be so frustrating. Our pill splitter is stupid. It never wants to split them exactly in half. Sometimes it's so bad that it'll split off a tenth of one and the other 90% is just sitting there. How does that help me!? I started using a steak knife. Getting down real close to the counter to make sure I had the blade in the center and then hoping my hand didn't slip as I shoved the knife down. When a pill has a line down the can BREAK THEM IN HALF!!!

Good grief, I've been wasting a lot of time on unnecessary med chores!

Ladybug Charlie.

I kept out some of her summer clothes and bought like 5 pairs of leggings from wal-mart for $3 each so I can layer a bunch of her outfits. She still fits in all her summer clothes AND all her winter clothes from last year. So leggings and boots and she's DONE. Awesome. Adrian on the other hand....can you really stack books on their head to make them stop growing?


Sherrie Bee Bop said...

LMAO You kill me! The only one I really knew of was breaking pill with the line down it. Done that many times. I think certain pills are made that way for that reason.

I just had a duh moment that I'll share with you. For 2 years, I have worked at this same company and done many things in Excel. A lot of this work is data in the Excel spreadsheets, just tons of stupid stupid stupid numbers. When I'm working with formulas and I copy and paste (or drag) the formula into an entire area so that everything will have that formula, I have to go into each and every cell (sometimes like 100+) and click a few times to get it to "update".

What I learned today: Under "Preferences" click Calculation, check "Calculate Sheets Automatically" and BAM! When I drag or paste formulas, they AUTOMATICALLY update. No more frickin' clickin'! UGH.

Rosetta said...

I didn't know about the medicine caps. I'll have to look for them.

I've been putting babylegs on Sierra. I buy the knee high socks and turn them into babylegs. They work so well!

Angie said...

I have one of those medicine caps at this very moment and had no idea that's what it is for!!! Thanks for enlightening me!

Shauna said...

Rosetta...where do you find socks that don't squeeze her chubby thighs!? Charlie isn't even as chubby and hers are just horribly tight. I tried regular babylegs too and they were too tight. I made her two pairs last winter and they got worn just a few times each.

Rosetta said...

Below are pics of the ones I made and also two links for instructions. I just bought the knee high socks at Target and they fit her fine (and she has VERY chubby thighs!) I have also used a pair of girls tights and made babylegs out of them, as well as sweater arms (the sweater arms were a little big and I ended up putting elastic at the top.)

Michelle said...

Funny how we just keep doing things the way we did them before... we were half way through our second kid when I "discovered" that our high chair had an easy release button that let you take the tray off with one hand. My husband was dumbfounded that I had just figured it out when I showed him my 'brilliant' trick.