Sunday, October 11, 2009


So Charlie has pneumonia. No, not confirmed with an x-ray. We don't do that anymore because she ALWAYS looks like she has pneumonia on an x-ray. No, we go by her symptoms. She had a cold last week and was almost better. Then she very suddenly got sick again with a fever, coughing up green mucous, and having trouble keeping her sats up. Thankfully, I saw it coming and asked her doctor to call in an abx just in case we needed it over the weekend. So we started it last night. Hopefully catching it early will make it easy on her. And no trip to the ER! Awesome!

After her cold and before the pneumonia kicked in. Happy kid!

With Adrian...she always looks upset when I take pictures of the two together, but I SWEAR she adores him. Really. :-)

Kind of cool with the light coming in like that. Check out her new boots! Yes, completely impractical, but oh so cute. I'll have to get a better pic of them later.

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