Monday, January 11, 2010

Charlie is sick again. :-( I think it was just a cold and she started to get better. Then, just when you think you are in the clear, she spikes a temp and starts coughing up junk, so it may be settling in her lungs...again. So I'll probably call for antibiotics today. I wish we just had a standing order to use as needed. We never even take her in when this happens, the doctor just trusts that we know what we're talking about. They have no way of actually diagnosing her anyway. They just look her over. Fever? Check. Low sats? Check. Gunky lung secretions? Check. Following a minor illness? Check. Always, always, always how it happens.

But she's still doing well on her feeds. We still haven't weighed her but she's filling out a little. Here's a full-body shot, you can see her thighs have a little meat on them:

Feeling a little better yesterday:

BTW, we got a new camera, that's why the first two pictures look so much more awesome than normal. I'll be so glad to not have to take pics with my cell phone anymore!

New car seat pic, all bundled up:

And why she's bundled up.

Charlie had a lot of fun with Adrian's abacus. She moves her hand up and down and spins and clinks the beads. :-)


Anonymous said...

LMAO, ok, you must be like 3 doors down from us. Imagine my surprise to see the snow picture and I can see that exact house from the door. LOL!

We should get the kids together to play sometime. :)

Sherrie Bee Bop said...

That is the biggest and most beautiful smile I have ever seen on Charlie! I wish there were more like that!

Debbie said...

What a charmer! She is gorgous!!!! Sorry she's not feeling well, tis the season. We've been on antibiotics over here too!
We have a new respiratory program for Amelia and it's really helped her stay healthier (except for now-- altho this is clearing up quicker than it used to!). We use "The Vest" and a Cough Assist 2x's daily. Ask your Pulmonologist about it -- it's incredible how much stuff I can suction out of Amelia that would otherwise build up in her chest, then lungs and cause a pnuemonia after using this equipment!
Feel better Charlie!

Kat_momof3 said...

I know it's a silly reason to be glad the new camera takes better pics, but you just couldn't quite see the brilliance of her eyes as much in the old photos... or just how happy she was when she smiled.

the clearer shot just shows much more how obviously loved she is.

(and for her filling out... I see it... I can't tell as easily by the legs as I can by the arms, though)

And of course... WAY TO GO, Charlie, for spinning those beads... fun AND good for keeping some muscle tone in those arms!!

momtoS said...

Hope that Charlie is feeling better soon!

I would be pumped to have and be able to operate a new camera....I am so behind the times....