Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Relax, she's alright!

And of course, I'm sorry for not updating sooner. We took her for a barium enema last monday and they didn't find anything. At all. Which was weird because I KNOW what I saw. Then I thought about it. Long and hard about it. She'd had a huge poop that morning. Like, really huge. Of course I always clean her out. But what if (now tell me if I'm just crazy) some of that poop had actually been pushed further up than what I could see? I mean, when us ladies get in the water or whatever, some can get up in there. And a snug diaper could push things up right? And it could get so far up there that it didn't come back out for 5 hours? Does that sound like it could happen?

The doctor doing the enema said that he sees it fairly often...parents bring a baby girl in because they are sure it's coming from there. But they don't find anything. What happened? He couldn't tell me. He did say that occasionally they find a fistula, but it's very rare. Usually it's nothing. Maybe this is something they should warn you about when you have a baby girl. "By the way, poop can get way, way up there and if it comes out hours later it's probably NOT a fistula. Take her in to find out anyway, but don't FREAK OUT because she's likely fine." Why doesn't What to expect the First year/Toddler years say THAT!?

So then on thursday the balloon on her tube popped and it fell out so we had to go BACK to radiology and get it replaced. Same doctor. He was a really nice guy. He had her tube all the way in (which takes a little while and some work) and he got kind of iffy and asked his assistant if he thought maybe she needed a longer tube. They agreed she did so they took it out and put in a longer one. He said her's was *barely* long enough and might cause feeding problems. We were hoping that might be one reason she was screaming but the longer one hasn't helped. Oh well. At least now she has an appropriate length tube. She also got a shorter button to balloon length too. The length between the button and the balloon is determined by how much skin and fat and stuff is between them. When she was super chubby, she had a 2.0. When she slimmed down, she got a 1.7. She slimmed down even more (even though she's the biggest she's been in 6 months) and so she got a 1.5. Old tube: 16fr 1.7 24cm New tube: 16 fr 1.5 30cm.

On our way to get the tube change. She was so excited to be in the car, she moved her head around to look out the window (usually it falls down and to the left).

First walk of spring! Well not really spring, because it got COLD again, but it was nice for a few days and we enjoyed the weather.

Ack! somebody put my shades on! The sun, it burns!

Mesmerized by Barney. "Ooooh Barney....so...purple...so...hyper..."

Yes, Barney is her new fave. Forget Elmo. Barney is where it's at! When I walked in the room to take a pic, she didn't even blink or look at me when I turned on the light, snapped a pic, walked on the other side to snap a pic, or walked in front of the tv to get across the room. She just STARED. At Barney. She acts like such a typical 2 year old sometimes it amazes me. I wonder who her next crush will be? Hmmm...

Oh and we have one Barney tape where they sing a song about flying in an airplane and when they put their arms up to "fly" she does too. It's really cute!


Katie said...

I'm glad she's okay! I can't remember how I came across your blog, but I have a daughter with CP, DD, and cortical visual impairment.

Kat - Ruthie-dos.blogspot.com said...

I'm so glad that she's okay and that she has all these happy times like in the pics...

and (at least until the newest season, when they must have changed the person doing the voice), I find barney's voice so soothing that I can understand some of the reason little kids love him.

Michelle said...

Glad she's okay - and, uh, yeah they should add that to the What to expect book - at least it would make one fact that was both useful and true in there!

Debbie said...

Uch! I'm so glad Charlie's ok. As women, I think we've heard it all, right? And then something else comes along and...there you go! That's why we're such mysteries! lol

Such great pics! We've been having some great weather here too and it feels so good to get out of the house with Amelia and see how happy she is to be in the sun and around all the hoards of kids at the playground!

Never went the Barney/Elmo route. We're a Backyardigan/Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Jack's Big Music Show house! Check them out...it's actually stuff we enjoy watching (well, at least the first 15 times)!