Friday, April 30, 2010


So I got super motivated yesterday and decided on a whim to rearrange the whole house. We have a small 2 bedroom townhouse. The first floor has a living room, a small kitchen, a small bedroom, and a half bath. The upstairs has a large bedroom, a full bath, and a large laundry room. When we first moved in, I put Charlie in the bedroom downstairs. But it was crowded with all her stuff! Then I moved her out to the living room and gave Adrian the bedroom. I thought he needed his own space. It was okay for a while, but Adrian really could care less about having his own room and I was feeling claustrophobic in my living room. And Adrian's room was a tight fit too, because I had to move the futon in there to make room for Charlie's stuff in the living room! Argh!

It never occurred to me to put Charlie upstairs in the big bedroom. I mean, why would you put a non-mobile kid with lots of equipment up a flight of stairs? But I did just that yesterday. And I really, really like it. We had to take her upstairs everyday to bathe her. Now we just have to take her DOWNstairs to go outside or whatever. No big deal. So I worked my ass off and got 90% of it done in two days with no nurse. Why is it that I'm practically superhuman sometimes and barely manage to roll out of bed other times? Anyway, pics!

I like this setup better because 1) I don't have to reach around her big dresser to reach her head. We'd been scooching her down in her crib so we could reach her properly, but she's gotten so long that her feet were hitting the foot of the crib. This solved that problem. And 2) This desk is much better for holding her stuff than the nightstand we were using previously. And I like that I can shove all the cords underneath the desk too. It even has a little ledge underneath for her vest system!

That blue rocking chair was a bitch to haul up the stairs! I got a nice workout though. And I put a basket of toys and books within reach of the chair. And those are her "dressers". The big one is two of them stacked and taped together so they are less likely to topple. Yeah...

The TV didn't fit on the nightstand and I didn't know it until after I'd already decided I didn't want to use it for her equipment anymore. So I made it work. That's the top of a kiddie table holding it up. Thankfully Adrian is old enough to know not to climb on stuff.

I cleaned out the laundry room (it was a wreck) and used one side for the kids. Those are toys lining the wall. Think we need to purge just a little? And I hung up their clothes.

I went through Charlie's supplies. Oh, what a disaster! They were stashed in every closet in the house and so disorganized. I sorted everything and labeled it and it's all in one place (well aside from what's out for everyday, easy access). This is the other side of the laundry room. Thank goodness we don't have a washer and dryer huh? So that's random crap piled up to the shelf. And her nice, neat, organized supplies up top. And yes, we really do have 4 full boxes of suction catheters and 6 full boxes of farell bags, for those of you who recognize them. That's what happens when you lose track of what you have.

I even organized her meds and formula downstairs. I cleared off the counter beside the fridge and put everything there. It had all been on a microwave stand before and syringes kept rolling off and hiding behind the trash can. So, no more of that! Now the stand is covered in potted plants! My garden is taking off but I wanted some indoor ones just in case the stray cat who's been digging in my garden decides to destroy it. I'll do a separate post for my garden later. I'm so excited! It's twice as big as last year.

Now all I have to do is move the futon back out to the living room and switch me and Adrian's beds. Oh, and clean and vacuum. *sigh* It seems like a lot, but like I said, I already did like 90% of it. Let's just hope I get another spurt of energy in the next few days.

Charlie was very happy once I got the TV upstairs. The bean bag chair is so great for her to lounge in:

The Donkey Kong romper I made her, from an old t-shirt:

I had her laying on my chest and she kept rolling backwards to hang upside down. What 2 year old doesn't love a head rush?:


ady said...

Nice! All that in one day? Great job!

mommypooh said...

That is so awesome. I love when I get those energy busts and it just gets me going and I feel good for days with the change. Charlie is so cute by the way. I just love her to death.

Kat - said...

you are amazing... nuff said.

Debbie said...

Rearranging, reorganizing, purging -- all tremendously hard to start...but once in motion, there's no feeling like it! Good work Momma! Looks great.

swgoats said...

Great job! We don't have so many supplies, but they still seem to take over. I wish we had a house with wall to wall bookshelves.

Joe waves high. We're thinking of you!

momtoS said... certainly did alot of work! WOOOHOOO