Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So a little bit on Adrian...

I really did try to keep Adrian's blog updated. But things get crazy ya know? I have to say, I AM a bit more dedicated to Charlie's blog (not to the KID, just the blog LOL), mainly because I know she has a lot of followers. But since I failed so miserably at Adrian's, I guess I'll start talking about him more here.

So for starters, he's grown quite a bit. Well, in height at least. He doesn't gain weight because he still refuses to eat most of the time! Which we did take him to the doctor for, btw. That was pointless. The doctor's advice? "He'll outgrow it". Uh-huh. I bet he will. In the meantime, I'm having a freaking fit over here! Adrian is so healthy I really don't have to worry about him. His crazy eating habits are the ONLY thing I worry about. And I'm not one to freak out over nothing. And I'm not freaked out. Not like I do with Charlie anyway. I just don't understand why a 5 year old doesn't know when he's hungry, waits until he crashes to realize he needs food, refuses to eat until sometimes 5 pm and then eats for 3 hours straight in the evening, and then sometimes barfs because he ate so much. It's not NORMAL. Well, I really hope he outgrows it soon. :-/

He's lost one tooth, in addition to the one he had pulled years ago. And he has 3 more loose teeth! He's really "into" Power Rangers and I think he's itching to take karate so he can kick some butt too. We're looking into it. We're still probably going to home school him at least through kindergarten and he's doing really well with that. Now that I'm working and can't spend as much time doing the school stuff, I'm trying to coordinate better with his dad so we can keep doing this without dropping the ball on the kid.

Anyway, look how TALL he is (that's his ginormous Regent car seat)!

All dressed up for church with Grandma.

And he enjoys climbing in Charlie's crib and keeping her company during her Vest treatments:


He looks like he's being sweet, but he's actually staring her down and trying to freak her out.

"Hey what happens if I stick my hand in here?"

"Hey cool!"

"My hand feels tingly now!"

And Charlie playing her piano. :-)


Katie said...

He's such a handsome kid! And I love the pics of him and Charlie :)

sarah said...

My little guy has crazy eating habits sometimes too. Did Adrian just start refusing to eat when it got hot outside? My little guy ( will be 5 in November)does this in hot weather...then spends like the last 3-4 hours before bed eating like a 14 year old boy. I have seen him eat decently during the day, then eat a bowl of oatmeal, a granola bar, cheese and crackers,and a fruit cup before he finally falls asleep.

I wouldn't worry too much about what people think about you being more dedicated to Charlie's blog. Charlie is the one who is medically fragile...we *know* that Adrian is fairly healthy, and amazingly smart ( my little guy is too).

swgoats said...

I have to say ditto on the eating habits of 5 year olds. DD just keeps growing taller and taller, but hasn't gained much weight since she was three. Honestly, having been the chubby kid raised on good old fashioned clean your plate, I don't sweat it - I'd much rather she learn self regulation. I have to be careful that other well meaning people in our lives aren't offering her too much junk - interesting how she's not hungry at dinner but when the babysitter pulls out candy she's hungry... Otherwise, I wait til she says she's hungry then give her healthy choices.

Adrian looks great *thumbs up*!

Cat said...

If you really want to continue to homeschool Adrian, I am more than willing to help out. I'll never send my kids to the local public school again, not after how things went with my oldest girl. Since we're already homeschooling with 2 I'd be more than willing to take the added student on when you are at work if you would like. And my goodness he's a handsome little bugger, and such a sweet big brother. Even when he's being a stinker to his sister he's sweet, you can tell he truly loves her with how gentle he always appears in the pictures of them together.

Shauna said...

Ahhh...Cat! I forgot you were living in town now! I'm messaging you right now!