Monday, February 7, 2011

Weight gain and other stuff...

So I think Charlie is *finally* gaining weight! I have her over 1000 calories a day now, which seems absurd for a non-ambulatory child, but whatever. We got her here and that's what matters. I'm going to weigh her a few days in a row just to make sure it's "for real" since one large BM can drop her weight back down. She does look like she's filling out though.

Just chillin' on the floor:

Adrian really loves playing photographer and took like 40 pics the other night. Here's just a few...

His penguin pillow pet being silly:

And being fed:

And a pic he took of me and Charlie...yes at that odd angle!:

I went through Charlie's clothes and purged a LOT of stuff. When spring comes I'll clear out the long-sleeved stuff she's outgrowing as well. But this is what I have it down to! That's for ALL seasons, minus the pj's and onesies in her drawers. And to be honest, I counted everything and she still has an abundance of outfits. I'll never understand how I got the idea that we all need a crap-ton of clothes, but I'm re-learning everything now. My house is becoming more minimalistic and I'm really digging it.

As for my goals, so far I've done a LOT with my house. I got all three bedrooms purged of all the unnecessary crap. Some of it is still hanging out in the dining room, but even that pile is growing smaller by the day. I got rid of three boxes of cloth diapers! THREE! I don't know why I've been hanging onto them all this time. We went to only prefolds and covers ages ago. So all of the fitteds, all-in-ones, pockets, ect are gone. I made $50 on them. :-) I cleaned out the hall closet and gathered all of our board games and stuck them up there. I like the idea of Adrian having to ask to play them, so he doesn't get out 4 at a time and lose all the pieces. I also made a first aid kit and an emergency kit (flashlights, candles, ect) and put them in the hall closet. I got the utility closet half-way cleaned out. The biggest project still awaits. That would be dealing with all the fabric and sewing stuff. :-/

Adrian is reading better and better every week. I'm just amazed at the progress he's made in the last 4 months or so. Seriously, watching a child learn to read is so incredibly cool, but it's extra special because *I've* been teaching him. He's just dying to be able to read chapter books by himself. He's not there yet, but I told him if he works really hard, he'll be able to do it in 6 months, and I truly believe that he'll get there that soon. He can already read 90% of the words in the Magic Treehouse series (just very slowly LOL).

He's become very interested in Ancient Egypt, so I'll probably come up with some type of unit study for that. He pretty much has adding and subtracting down pat, so we're working on skip counting now and then we'll move onto multiplication (along with other units we do continually like measurement and fractions). He's been playing a lot of strategy games, like Chess and Mastermind. He loves Blokus and he was actually successful at one of the one-player "brainteasers"!:

Slime...we called it "science". :-D

Charlie is moving more and more, which MAY be why she needs over 1000 calories a day. She started doing a "half-sit-up" thing. When she's laying flat on her back, she'll bring her head and half of her torso up off the floor and just hold it there for several seconds. You can see her whole body straining...she works really hard! When you pick her up, she uses her legs to push up to help.

And I may be starting to work full-time. Aaaahhhh! It's so scary but I'm going to at least give it a shot. I work 20 hours a week currently, but I have the opportunity to get 36-40. So we'll see. I have to get the nursing all straightened out and I have to learn to get all my errands done on the weekend. I worked 8:30-4:30 today and didn't have time to do anything after work before the nurse left! So I have to sort all of that out. If I make enough, I may put Adrian in the K program 2 days a week at the daycare where I work. I get 50% off and it would be nice to just take him to work with me. He would love it too. It might be half of the extra money I'd be making, but it would be good for him I think.


Sherrie Bee Bop said...

OMG! Look how SKINNY you are! Did you just give Charlie the weight you dropped or what?!

Shauna said...

Maybe a little. ;-)