Monday, May 23, 2011

Well, look at me go!

It's actually not 2 months since my last blog post! Whoo!

Not a whole lot to update but plenty of pics and random stuff to share.

Charlie took over Adrian's little piano...he keeps insisting it's his, but she plays with it far more than he EVER did. And she's pretty good about hitting the buttons and keys too. She even contorts her arm to get to them:
So that pretty well freaked me out. I'm sure it's normal for HER though. Heh.

We ordered bigger onesies from They carry up to 6T. I prefer one-pieces on Charlie because *everything* rides up on her. We have quite a few one-piece outfits, but for her t-shirt and shorts kind of days, a onesie under her clothes is perfect. She was outgrowing her 4T gerbers so I'm SO glad I found this site! They have size charts, but something seemed "off" so I contacted them and they reassured me the sizes were accurate, they just run really big. I talked to another mom of a SN child online who confirmed they run big. So I hemmed and hawed and in the end, decided to size up anyway, with this result:
They weren't kidding! That is a 5T on her. We were barely getting her 4T gerbers snapped. But the note with it said these will "shrink unmercifully" if you don't follow the directions. So I just didn't follow the directions. Problem solved. They are still a tad big, but will be fine until she grows into them. And she probably won't OUTgrow them for a year or 18 months at least! So anyway, they are good quality (much nicer fabric than gerber) and totally worth it.

I took Adrian bowling one afternoon:

He REALLY enjoyed it! He hasn't shown much interest in any extracurriculars as of yet. No sports, no music, no art, nothing. I'm going to just start enrolling the kid in stuff. He'll figure out what he likes eventually. And I'm starting with a bowling summer camp. And I'm going to just buy him a pair of bowling shoes, because DAMN it's expensive to rent them.

And one day I was in the check-out line at Kroger and the woman in front of me turned around and asked if the veggie hot dogs in my order were any good (they aren't great by the way, but it's one thing I can actually get Adrian to eat consistently), turns out, she's vegan too! And lives right here in my tiny little town! She does a vegan cooking class right out of her home every Monday. I asked for her card and looked her up when I got home. She also does art lessons for "children of all ages" for $15 a pop. So I'll see about that as well. Even if he doesn't really "get into" any of this, it's good for the experience right?

And here's Charlie in Adrian's car seat. I was very curious to see how she did in it. I was considering asking for a Britax Traveller Plus for her, but was concerned she'd be all slumpy in it. I don't think it's going to be an issue now. She actually did really, really well in the Regent. It's not something I'd want to use as an everyday seat, but she did ok. And it reassured me that she'll likely do beautifully in what is basically a more supportive version of the same seat.

We added Claritin to Charlie's daily meds. She seems to have allergies on some level. We are not really interested in testing her though. We think she's allergic to dogs and then she also flares up a bit when the pollen count is high. It's no big deal, nothing a fairly benign allergy med can't handle. She also started getting quite "tremory" again, so we increased her Klonipin a smidge. It's only been a few days but I think I've already noticed a difference. We are scheduling to have the salivary gland ablation done on the other side. She's still just REALLY goopy. Not as bad as before, but she could improve. And we had to ask for size 6 diapers! OMG. 4's were kinda big on her only about a year ago. Now we have to skip 5's and go straight to 6's. I'm NOT looking forward to her outgrowing these and having to do the icky looking youth ones. Oh well, I'm just putting it out of my mind for now. Of course, we still use cloth as well and probably always will. Disposables definitely have their place in our lives, even the ugly, horrible youth ones. :-/

And I ordered one of these. Please don't call CPS on me. I SWEAR it looks like a good idea for Charlie...if not, I'll toss it straight away! But really, I can't keep her head from flopping all over the place in the pool. I have to stay by the side in case she needs suctioned. Right when I grab the suction machine, she likes to throw her head down. I'll update with pics when I get it. And they do make a "SN" neck float you can buy which is basically the same thing, only more expensive. I saw the baby version on a message board with twenty women going "OMG it's child abuse!" So I bought one. LOL You gotta think outside the box when you have a kid like this!

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Katie said...

They're both getting so big! I think the neck ring looks like it will work great for her.