Monday, July 11, 2011

A rough few weeks...

So after the ablation, things seemed to go fine for Charlie but after about a week she started having a lot of pain and she was irritated all. the. time. She was acting a little "off" before the procedure so I just assumed it was gut pain or something and it had just escalated. They prescribed antibiotics after the ablation (it's now routine...I guess they've had issues with kids getting infections). So I did probiotic juice through her tube to try and counter the antibiotics. Well, not only did it NOT work (she ended up with yeast problems) she also got a horrible double ear infection and a possible UTI. The only reason we didn't test for the UTI is because we were already going to do another round of antibiotics. But she was passing cloudy urine and screaming while doing so. Anyway....we *finally* got all of that under control and Miss Charlie slept for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT. Talk about worrying a mama. :-/ But she's awake now and mostly back to normal.

And I called her doctor today about doing a referral to an ENT because I think we need to consider tubes for her ears at this point.

Oh and the whole time she was sleeping she must have been conserving calories because I swear she gained like 2 lbs in that time. She got chubby all the sudden and it hurts my back to pick her up. LOL

For the first couple of weeks I wasn't sure the ablation did much for her. I thought I noticed a small decrease in secretions but it was hard to tell. Well, the last couple of days it was more noticeable. I wonder if they often have kids not get results until 3 weeks later? Anyway, another sign it's working....again with the PEE. She's losing less out of her mouth and is wetting diapers like 7-8 times a day vs 3-4 before. And sometimes leaking out because there is so much. I didn't consider 3-4 wet diapers a problem before. They weren't too stinky or anything. But it's obvious she's supposed to be going more than 3-4 times a day.


Katie said...

Aw! Sorry it was rough at first, but I'm glad she seems to be feeling better and the ablation seems to be helping!

Debbie said...

So happy to hear she's feeling so much better! What a scary thing for you to deal with. She looks great tho! Amelia averages about 6 wet diapers a day, so sounds like it's working for her.