Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lots of changes!

Sorry I haven't had time to update but things have been crazy here! Firstly, nothing has really changed with Charlie. We are still doing the CPAP here and there to help control the autonomic storming. We did have a visit in the sleep clinic and that went well. The doctor thinks a trach could help a lot with her problems but he wasn't pushing us in one direction or another. He said he had to make the trach decision for his dad and chose not to do it. Of course, we all know that's very different than the decision I have to make. We didn't do the sleep study. We just didn't feel it was relevant to this decision.

Secondly, I've decided to move us back into a smaller apartment. I LOVE my apartment, I really do. It is PERFECT for us. But the stress of working my current job is getting to me. I need to be home with my kids more. Plus, Adrian and I are bringing every illness under the sun home to Charlie. It just isn't worth it. So I will be quitting my job and supplementing my income with....something. Not sure what yet. But I only need a couple hundred dollars a month on top of what Charlie's SSI brings in. Anything is better than what I'm doing now. I was going to give it about two more weeks then put in my two weeks notice, essentially saving all of January's income, but shit hit the fan with my boss today and she knows how I really feel now, so honestly it's going to take a lot of willpower on my part to drag myself out of bed tomorrow and go in there. I'd really love to just leave them high and dry. And if anyone at work is reading this (you know who you are)...just go away. I know you don't actually care about Charlie or my family...just go the hell away!

Moving on... (LOL)

We already did our Christmas a little bit early this year. I wanted to get it over with and get everything put up before the move. So far, so good. Adrian LOVES his new DS. I remember my first game boy and how excited I was to get it. I used to play Zelda for HOURS on that little black and white screen. LOL His games are much cooler. No Zelda though. I need to fix that. ;-) Charlie's new bedroom stuff will, of course, be put up after the move. So we have to wait just a leeetle bit longer to see how it all looks together. Aunt Sherrie sent the matching rug, so I think she has the whole set now.


eve said...

Hang in there mama! Don't let small minded people get you down.. they're so not worth it. I've read your blog for over a year(coming from mdc) and you are one positive, loving, kick ass mom. You make it work when others would give in to the stress. You have a ton of creativity & find ways to make life special for both your kiddos. May 2012 bring you loads of luck & joy..just because you deserve it!

Merry Christmas!

sarah said...

maybe you should reconsider opening an etsy (or ebay) store to sell all your awesome stuff you think up for Adrian and Charlie. All that felt food you made for Adrian a few years ago was awesome. I bet it would sell! And if I remember correctly, you have made some specialty items for Charlie too. I bet some other SN moms would LOVE to get their hands on stuff you have made for Charlie. No matter what you decide, I am sure things will go awesome for you!

Shauna said...

Sarah, I've thought about it. I just worry I won't be self-motivated enough to get done what I need to get done in order to make the $200 a month I need. I think I will start making some felt food (already have supplies so there will be little to no cost to get going)and just see what happens. I also saved my best fabric (tossed *everything* else!) so I could make some of the tumbleforms pillows and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Although moving is tough- it sounds like you are making the right decision....
it will be nice to not have Adrian in daycare and be able to spend more time homeschooling and hangin out with both kids.

Good luck with finding some other source of income.