Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another video!

I'm having a good ol' time with my new tablet, which takes really good pictures and video and makes it a snap to upload them. This a video of Charlie "singing". She started making these noises after they placed her trach and she got her voice back. Sometimes she sounds a little like she's crying, but her heart rate stays low and she's not visibly upset. The first time I heard her do this I thought she WAS crying! If I play the video back to her, she starts singing right along with herself. LOL

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Misty Menken said...

i just started reading your blog and my son Edward who is 3 and does not speak and is autistic (also bpd lung disease g-tube pulm hypertension) was watching this with me and he started blowing her kisses :)so Charlie Edward thinks your singing is beautiful!