Thursday, July 5, 2012

Very important!

I have a friend who has a child similar to Charlie, but has very fragile bones along with the CP.  She's already broken a leg from being transferred to her wheelchair after an activity.  Taking her in and out of her wheelchair to put her in her car seat and then back again for every single little trip out (and there is a lot because she has many medical appointments!) causes her a lot of pain and can be dangerous, even.  Their insurance doesn't help cover the cost of an adapted van and they are attempting to raise money to help fund one. 

This is an awesome family and Lily is an awesome kid. She's a spunky little fighter, just like Charlie. Please consider giving even $5...every little bit helps! 

Help Lily!

(I will be back to update on Charlie, but I'm not feeling well so it might not be for a day or two!)

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