Monday, March 31, 2008

Update on Charlie's Diet....

So we just took Charlie to her regular pedi for a follow-up after her hospital stay. I haven't been taking Charlie for well-baby visits because we are at the neonatal clinic every month anyways and it seemed kind of pointless. Now I wish I hadn't been so lazy. LOL

Her doctor actually listened to me and agreed with me. Get this: In about 4 weeks, Charlie has gone from the 85% to off the charts. That's right, she is bigger than 99% of babies her age. And this is *after* we cut her feeds back almost 2 weeks ago! Good grief! He said she is obviously overfed and he couldn't believe it when I told him how they had been managing her feeds at Children's.

So Charlie was previously getting about 31 oz a day (this is down from what they recommended-37 oz a day) and he said to back her down to 28 oz and he'll see her in a week to see if we need to adjust it again.


Now, I have to decide how to handle the loonies at Children's the next time I go. I just know they are going to throw a fit. I'm thinking that I should just skip the part of the form where they ask how much milk she is taking and when they ask about it, say "Oh, her pedi is handling that so don't worry." And if they press further tell them, "Really, I don't think you all are qualified enough to be involved in my child's diet." Bwahahaha!!!

Yeah, I know that's mean, but I'm at the point now where I don't care. Remember my first post? Bitch with a capital "B". I'm tired of dealing with their crap over there.

Oh, and so much for "breastmilk doesn't have enough iron." Charlie's hemoglobin was 15.9. Her pedi is willing to check it periodically rather than push a supplement. Yay!

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Lynn said...

Great news!

I'm not sure why you are going to Children's still?