Friday, August 29, 2008

Hanging out in the yard...

It was never easy to get both kids outside for some play time. Charlie would cry in her stroller and as soon as I picked her up, Adrian would start acting up to get my attention. But I took them out today and Charlie just sat and enjoyed herself. Adrian played, the whole time going, "Look at me mama, look at me!" But once I was ready to take them back in, I found out Adrian had locked us out of the house! So I had to call Tim so he could come home on his break and let us in. From now on, my keys stay with me all the time! But it was a fun day anyway!

"Oooh the flower is so...hypnotizing..."
"Oh wait, mom wants me to look at her."
"Oh ok, here's that smile you want!"
And Adrian being silly on the slide.

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