Saturday, November 29, 2008


Looking SO peaceful! Charlie was acting a bit odd today...sleeping a lot. And when she WAS awake, she was a bit out of it. She just wanted to lay there and stare at the ceiling. But she was handling her feeds well, no body temp problems, nothing weird except for some minor jerking episodes earlier in the day. We'll just keep an eye on her. And is it just me or is she starting to look more like a little girl and less like a baby? Maybe it's just the lack of double chin in that pic. LOL Yeah, and ignore the sheetless bed...I let her sleep with me and she pooed ALL over it! Good thing it was laundry day anyway!

Adrian and I built a town out of waffle blocks. We used every single piece so things got interesting. The one on the left was a corral for his animals. He had a beanie baby horse, a cheap plastic cat and sheep, and a little people parrot. He was SO proud of his little farm! We ended up with 7 buildings. It was fun. :-)

One of Charlie's "I don't feel so good" days. Poor kid.

Hehe. I put the bear there to support her...the pillow had a bit of a slope. I looked over and she had slung her arm over it's leg. Too cute!

I love this pic. Adrian is SO proud to be holding his little sis and she's like "WTH mom, he's gonna drop me!"

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Jodi said...

you have beautiful children.