Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Well, it's official...

Charlie is moving around more and using more energy. We took her to the doctor on 11/11 and she had lost an entire lb. We had just increased her calories the week before so I didn't understand why she LOST weight. But she *had* just been sick...although there was no vomiting involved....hmmmm....

Anyway, I increased her even more and she STILL lost a little weight! We had a nurse from Children's homecare come out and she brought in her scale. I was really worried that Miss Charlie was gaining too fast again, but nope. So we will increase her yet again and see what happens.

Now obviously Charlie is a little chunk so we don't want her packing on the lbs, but it's not good for any baby to lose weight (it's fairly normal and healthy for them to stay the same weight and grow into the chub though), so we just want her to gain sllloooowly. She needs the energy to do all the new stuff she's learning!

Speaking of which...the rolling thing...she *amazed* me tonight when I asked her to show off her new skill for a friend. Even though she was acting a bit tired, I put her on the floor and put her up on her side...she immediately flipped onto her back. But since I thought she was tired, I picked her up to cuddle her, and after a minute or so, she lifted her arm (which means, "mom I want something!"). She didn't need suctioned and I had just fed her, and obviously I was holding her so she wasn't asking for that. Hmmm....what could she want?

"Do you want to roll some more Charlie?"


(astonished look from me)

"Really!? That's what you want? Tell me again!"


"Ok, let's roll some more!"

So I put her back on the floor and she did it again. Then she acted tired again so I did some of the work for her. Then I put her back on her side but she fell almost completely on her tummy (still had her arm tucked under her though) and I didn't think she could get herself over, but she was trying so I left her alone and SHE DID IT! Freaking awesome!!!

And then, once she was on her back, she made some body movements that looked like she was trying to get BACK onto her side! Maybe one day....?

It is SOOOO awesome to see her motivated to do something!!! This is purposeful movement! She's using several body parts together to do one thing. This is not just smiling, or lifting her arm to ask for something. She is using her neck, arm, and trunk altogether to move herself around.

I was really starting to think she wasn't ever going to do much at all and now I'm starting to wonder what she's planning in that little head of hers....


Happy Frog said...

woo-hoo!!! :)

Sherrie said...

Wow! That's awesome! I'm so glad she's making progress!