Saturday, January 24, 2009

2 days with no nurse...

We ended up with no nurse for 2 days in a row and I had both kids....let's just say I was exhausted by the time I sent Adrian back to his dad's. He has energy I can only dream of having and Charlie slept maybe a total of 8 hours in 48. I think she may be having trouble with the phenobarb weaning. But we survived. And we actually had a lot of fun!

I made a bib for Charlie. She drools so much that I've been buying the kind that cover her whole front and slip over her head...but they are so expensive! $2-6 a piece. So I went through all her baby stuff and came up with some good, absorbent material. The front is a receiving blanket her grandma gave her when she was still in the NICU. The backside is a baby towel she's gotten too big for. And the binding is from fleece leftover from the postpartum pads I made for myself when I was still pregnant with her. Now I just need to make about 10 more. LOL

Of course Adrian had to try it on too.

The weather was soooo nice on friday. We went for a walk. There's still a lot of snow and ice on the ground and Charlie really liked going over the bumps.

Another reason I want to make her bibs...They all have really tacky stuff written on the front of them. "Drama Queen" was the best one I could find. At least it was on clearance.

The handle on her Kimba adjusts really low so Adrian was able to push her too. :-)

We had a little birthday party for Adrian. He's 4 now! It was kind of an impromptu thing, but I found some stuff in the cabinet to throw together a cake and my mom brought some candles over.

Adrian got a lightsaber from Charlie's nurse. He played with it for HOURS.

Charlie's supplies came on friday and Adrian demanded that we needed to make something out of the empty boxes. LOL So we made a dollhouse.

After we fixed it up a bit. LOL

Charlie and her fishy mask.

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Amy said...

happy birthday Adrian! i bet he loves that playhouse more than anything