Sunday, January 25, 2009

What, no bath pictures?!

Charlie is almost 16 months old and I just realized that we have no bath pictures. Yes, bad mommy! So we took some today. Sorry, they are crappy. Bad lighting and I tried to enhance them on my phone. I really need to use my regular camera but my phone is just so handy!

As you can probably tell, she really likes her bath and gets very annoyed when we take her out. LOL

Oh and can't forget the "passed out after bath time" pic. Charlie's baths always exhaust her. You can always count on a good nap after a bath. :-)


Lisa said...

It's been fun watching her grow and change and get more and more responsive and able to get across how she's feeling by using her expressions. Keep growing and going, Miss Charlie!

Carrie said...

Shauna, don't laugh at me, but I thought "Wow, what an artistic way to photograph bathtime" and even thought about shooting pics of my kids like that until I read you did it with your cell phone!

Amy said...

man she looks pissed in the one when you took her out

Shauna said...


LOL! I was moving her around a lot trying to get her to smile and my friend was snapping pics from behind me. When I saw the pics I was a bit disappointed that they came out so blurry and dark. Then I lightened them and uploaded them and they looked even more distorted. I feel better about it now...they're not screwed up, they're artsy!


That's the same look I got when trying to bother her while she was watching the wiggles. We get that look a lot nowadays. LOL