Monday, January 5, 2009

Yes I know it's a boy's outfit!!!

I was so excited to find thesae snap up outfits in bigger sizes. They usually only go to 6-9 months and Charlie wears 24 months. They are good for her because her tubes can go in between the snaps and it doesn't ride up like shirts do. And when she has a long-term EEG, we can actually change her clothes even with all the wires attached to her head!

But the girl ones were FUGLY. No joke. Pepto bismol pink, yellow with a gazillion daisies (a few is fine but you could hardly see the yellow because there were too many flowers), and a bright blue one with freakishly colored flowers on it.

So I looked through the boys. One had a lion that said "King of cute". Cute, but I cannot pretend that Charlie is king of anything. Another had trucks or something on it. This one was too freaking cute to pass up. Red, a good neutral color. The caption says, "Hey! Look what I caught!" and has a big dino with a little caveman looking dude with a bat on his tail. First, this is perfect for Charlie. She's a bit of a wild child, demanding things she shouldn't have and running the household with one little word ("Ehh!" is a word right?). But the funniest thing is when I put something in her hand and help her grip it, she gets this proud as can be look on her face, just like the little caveman on the shirt.

So I don't care if it's for a boy. 95% of her wardrobe is girly. She got 11, yes, ELEVEN new outfits for xmas. All with pink or purple, flowers or kittens, fuzzy and ruffly. I'll put a bow in her hair. It'll be fine. LOL


Carrie said...

My husband bought Hannah a jersey sleeper that waa red and blue. He said that "jerseys aren't meant to be frilly" so he wouldn't buy the pink one.

Hannah still wears it!

The 5 C's said...

She's too stinkin cute. I'm pretty sure that I have one or a few of those types of jumpers left from Seth. Since we're going to start packing soon to move I'll go through and see what I have. If I have any and you want them I'll be more then happy to ship them to you. I know what it's like when you find something that works well for you.

Anonymous said...

She looks really cute. Don't be bothered about the clothing. Gendered clothing on infants and young children is ridiculous. I dress my daughter in boys' clothes probably 50% of the time or more.