Monday, February 2, 2009

Charlie has had a bit of a rough time. For about 4 weeks now she's been going through these periods where she seems to be in pain. At first it wasn't too bad. I just assumed teething pain or maybe a minor ear infection or tummy upset or something. Then, on monday she started really having problems. She stopped smiling altogether and started crying any time I'd set her down. Even when I held her she was posturing, breathing hard, and letting out random wails. She did that all of monday and tuesday and by wednesday morning I decided it had to be something worse than just her teeth. She has 13 of them already, including 4 molars, so if teeth were going to bother her, they would have by now. Besides, I had been doing orajel, tylenol, and motrin around the clock. The tylenol and motrin helped a bit, but she was still miserable as soon as the dose wore off (about an hour after I would give it).

So I took her in to the ER. I called her doc and he said he couldn't do a whole lot and he wanted to at least make sure her GJ wasn't the problem so she needed an xray. So by the time we got to the ER, she calmed down a bit (as she always does!) and didn't seem to be as bad, making me look like a crazy mom. But her nurse met us there to help and she said she didn't look right at ALL. She was still doing some weird breathing and posturing but no longer letting out wails. After they did everything and told us her GJ was fine and all her joints seemed to be fine and there was nothing else they could do, I pulled the doctor out of the room and told him I wanted something stronger for her. Period. I told him I wasn't ok with my baby just being in pain like this and even if we couldn't find a reason, she still deserved pain management. He wrote a script for ativan and told us to follow up with her pedi and we were on our way.

Then insurance didn't want to pay for the script and apparently ER docs can't authorize them? Anyway, we still don't have it. Charlie did calm down quite a bit that day. By thursday she was acting like she was in pain again but not nearly as bad so we're just doing the tylenol/motrin thing again. I'm calling her doc today to see if he can squeeze her in. She also woke up sick yesterday and I wanted to discuss with him what we need to do because she can't live on antibiotics the rest of her life!

Her ER visit. Poor baby. :-(

Back to happy!

Adrian thought she'd look better with a moustache and beard.

We found littlest pet shop fabric at walmart and Adrian went nuts. He's obsessed with those toys. So I made him a wall hanging to put all the teeny, tiny accessories in. He was a very happy little boy!

Going to church with daddy and grandma. He was not happy with me. LOL

But his non-smiley mood allowed me to capture this gorgeous pic of him. He IS almost too pretty to be a boy.

I was so very proud of Charlie yesterday! She "told" me she needed a diaper change! She's been getting uncomfortable in wet or poopy diapers, which is a new concept to me because Adrian did not care in the least and would sit in a poopy diaper until I smelled him and had to chase him down to change it. She squirms and fusses a bit. At first I thought it was just the poopy ones that bothered her, but yesterday she started doing the squirmy thing and I checked everything....made sure her tube wasn't being tugged on, her socks weren't too tight, she didn't have air in her belly, ect. Finally I thought, "Maybe she's wet". So I asked her if she needed her diaper changed and her arm FLEW up! I put her down on the floor and went and got a new diaper. Sure enough, when I took off the old one, it was a tiny bit wet. One tiny little pee. Enough to piss her off. LOL I put her back in cloth so maybe that's why she's sensitive to it all the sudden. Which is great because I'd eventually like for her to use the potty (with assistance of course!). Anyway, when I laid her down for the diaper change, I gave her Adrian's lightsaber which *thrilled* her. So we played on the floor a bit.

"Hey cool! If I pick up my arm, it rolls towards me!" I showed her how to get it to move and she did it twice on her own.

I was just snapping loads of pics and when I went back through them, I busted out laughing at this one. Too funny!

We also played with the crinkle paper. She loves this stuff. It's shiny and loud and perfect for her. I put her on her side so she could see it better and she rolled onto her back and somehow the paper got caught up in her arms and followed her over....boy, she was soooo proud of herself for making it crinkle so good all by herself!

All of that playing is exhausting!

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