Friday, January 29, 2010

Lots of pics!

We got a new shower head so we can finally put Charlie in her bath chair and quit stuffing her in the kitchen sink!

Needless to say, she loves it!!!

Some more fun with Adrian's abacus.

It was so funny today...I had her G tube open onto a rag (we do this to vent her and the rag catches anything that seeps out) and she kept trying to grab her tube. I never tell Charlie "no" to anything...I don't have to! But I didn't really want her sticking her hand into her own stomach contents, so I told her "No, Charlie, that's yucky, don't try to get that". Well she grinned at me and went for it again! And I told her again. And she grinned again and kept trying to get it. We did this 4 times. Finally I figured if she wanted it that bad, she could have it. I closed her tube and tossed the rag in the laundry. She went right for it again, though I didn't notice the whole time she was going for her J tube, not her G. She likes the red tip on it. Well she actually managed to slip her fingers under it and she played with it for 10 minutes before she dropped it. I helped her grab it again and she played for a total of an hour! I think she was just so fascinated, not with the tube itself, but that she had some control over it!

Action shot. :-)

Adding bells made it that much more fun.

And she also learned how to spin the globe!


Dawn said...

Shauna, Charlie is just a doll. I love her smile. Give her a big squeazy hug for me.

kozer1 said...

Aw, she looks so happy! :)

Michelle said...

Awesome - the globe spinning is big here too. :)

Kat_momof3 said...

Great job, Charlie... and remember, you're such a sweet angel that enough smiles will change your mom's mind on anything! I'm surprised she held out that long!

you're such a doll!