Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hospital pics...

They got nifty new pull out chairs (still not very comfy though):

I had Charlie's car seat upstairs because I didn't have my car with me and didn't know who would be picking us up. It came in handy after about the second day. She was getting restless and bored. I put her up in the car seat (attached to her stroller) and aimed her at the TV. She was quite happy. And she had a new baby doll my mom got her from the gift shop:

And asleep in my arms....awwww!:

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sarah said...

ugh...I remember trying to sleep at the Hospital with Clay. Those couches and chairs may be marketed for sleeping on, but it is still almost impossible. Maybe the people who created them need to personally test them.

I had a stroller with me that time too. I was awesome to have it as another place for him to sit. Were you able to find Barney on TV for Charlie?...I wonder if the Child Life department has any DVDs they could have loaned you?